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About The Starbucks Token

This is NFT Digital-Art Marketplace for artists who loves coffee. Together we will build a better community

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Unlike Bitcoin, StarbucksToken is a deflationary token which means the Total Supply is always decreasing, making it more and more rare. Each starbucks transaction is taxed, and a small percentage of the coins are burned, but holding does reward you in the end.

Original Supply
1,000,000,000,000,000 $STAR
15% Tax On Transactions
10% Distributed to holders
3% Liquidity
1% Charity Donations
1% Marketing & Development Operations
65% of Total Supply Burn

Why Choose Us?

StarbucksToken is a Global Decentralized Token built on BSC Blockchain. Starbucks Token is 100% decentralised, transparent and Community building program.


NFT Marketplace

An NFT Marketplace is in the making where you can buy and sell artwork to anyone. A DEMO is planned for the near future.


A Better Backend Interface

The Starbuck sToken tokenomics feature a transaction tax of 10% which are split between the holder rewards, charity funding, developer funding and token liquidity. The split is coded as it follows: 3% for the adding liquidity address, 1% for the developer funding, 1% for the charitable activities.


Support The Network

The StarbucksToken Team aims to deploy a DAO on the Binance Smart chain where the community can vote on which charitable organisation to receive our funding/donations. Before the DAO to be deployed, the donations will be done manually by the development team by sending the funds to the Binance Charity Address.